The mission of a real moving company consists in solving the problems that the moving process contains. This work must be done by professional teams, which will be responsible at all times for its fulfilment.

When you get in contact with Sancho Ortega Int., S.A a specialized moving consultant will evaluate the work to be performed. Our expert will inform you in any matter that is related with the moving process.

As a result of this evaluation, we will send you a written quotation including all the special aspects of your move.

Once the quotation is accepted, an official contract will be signed, guaranteed by the National or International Associations we belong to.

One of our objectives consists in giving the customer the best and most convenient service, so we try that the origin residence will be useful until the last moment and that the new one will be prepared as soon as you arrive.

You will find out that our packers, operating crew and team are identified with the company by their ethic values, uniformity and professionalism.

We are registered FAIM holders, a specific moving quality title, which is certified by the independent firm CAP GEMINI ERNST & YOUNG, as well as ISO holders, certified by DNV.

We are enclosed into the organization UNIGROUP RELOCATION NETWORK: You just have to tell us from where to where you want the move…WE CARE FOR THE REST!

First contact

First, after contact with Sancho Ortega, proceed to the evaluation of the work to be done by personal visit. Our consultant provide them with the information they need and will answer any questions you have.


Once the budget is approved it will be formalized guaranteeing conditions of our offer.


Once the budget is approved, proceed to the signing of a contract, endorsed by the Federation of moving or where relevant associations to which we belong.


One of our goals is to provide the best customer service and more comfortable facilitating their previous home livable until the last moment, and the new fulfills all the expectations and needs for you desired to starting the moving.
You see that our packers, technicians and all equipment are identified with the company for its ethics, consistency and professionalism.
Also, count on the service of an organization that covers everyone UniGroup Relocation Networld.
Tell us where you go, and we will do the rest.

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