New technologies have arised, the world has been globalized, but there are things that never change…. and one of them is the removal of our home.

At the beginning you don´t realize how important is your job but, suddenly you find yourself involved with the move and the family that have trusted in you, and you find out that what started just like a job means something else: We move feelings, experiences and, above all, we move friends that we have obtain during our business career.

Our job is not an easy one: As we said, we move feelings and sometimes we don´t reach the expectations the customer has (“I want my move for YESTERDAY”; “my daughter`s wedding glass frame is  broken”; when does my move from Brazil arrive?). We know that the conflict doesn´t arise from the big things but in the small, really small and personal ones…and that is our incentive: We love to finish the move and that our family feels happy and satisfied and, above all, will appreciate that we have done our job with seriousness and, mainly, with a lot of love.

The international market is even more difficult: We must work both with our agents (or people) and with equipments ( such as ships, airplanes,…). In order to get the assurance that everything is going to be easy and effective, our company has selected the agents for their seriousness, profesionality and, above all, their human quality.

We would like to thank first of all the help of our team, the complicity of our worldwide agents and specially the trustness of our customers during this period.




  1. Sancho Ortega Int.,S.A. Works for you
  2. Our goal is to give a complete service to the customer
  3. Our personalized services takes us wherever you are
  4. You won´t have to worry about any detail: We are a full service company
  5. We make an important decission an easy, efficient and safe job
  6. We have the correct response for your particular case
  7. Promptness, Efficiency and Service oriented
  8. Our best advertisement is the satisfacttion of our customers

María Victoria Sancho


Firma Vicky